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MacFly is the result of our constant evolution, like the metamorphosis of a butterfly.
We have doubled the hope content in our formula to come up with new products designed with more sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

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Since 1978

At Plastinsa we design, develop and produce high-level POS- and merchandising materials. Innovative and functional, with a great variety of materials steel, aluminium, wood, glass, plastic, ceramic …

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Plastinsa was born in 1978 and since then we have grown steadily. In the present we own a leading position in the spanish ranking of companies that produce POS- and merchandising materials.

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Plastinsa offers its customers individual products or kits of different items as well as a basic range of household and marking products, combining originality with functionality. Just check and see our works.

Plastinsa joins the Waste Free Oceans Foundation

Tuesday, March 27, 2018 — Plastinsa (Plásticos Inyectados SA) has recently joined Waste Free Oceans’ efforts of reducing water pollution by partnering with the foundation.